Jordan Foley

Ph.D Candidate in Political Communication and Methods Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Chapter Member: Wisconsin SSN

About Jordan

Foley's research agenda is motivated by a desire to understand how political information flows through digital communication ecologies over time and their implications for democratic governance. Overarching themes in Jordan's work include political communication and journalism, particularly how news media respond to contentious political events and their impact on public opinion. Foley serves as a Knight Scholar of Communications and Civic Renewal in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UW-Madison and the Assistant Director of the university debate team.


Real Voting Equality

  • Ceri Hughes
  • Lewis Friedland
  • Michael Wagner
  • Dhavan Shah
  • Jordan Foley

In the News

"What Makes Wisconsin Swing?," Dhavan Shah (with Ceri Hughes, Michael Wagner, Lewis Friedland, Jordan Foley, Katherine Cramer, Jiyoun Suk, Josephine Lukito, and Chris Wells), Vox, March 29, 2019.