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By donating to SSN, you are helping nearly 2000 researchers in 47 states advance the use of research wherever policy decisions are made - from city halls to state legislatures to Washington. The training and personalized coaching provided by SSN’s expert national staff empowers researchers to share their expertise with policymakers so they can make life-changing decisions like enacting state child tax credits, increasing investment in affordable housing, and changing state laws to reduce punitive fines and fees.

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Giving to the Scholars Strategy Network helps make sure media coverage, public policy, and civic engagement strategies are grounded in research and meeting the challenges of our time.

Here are just a few examples of SSN’s recent work across the states—work that wouldn't be happening without supporters like you.

Polling Station sign

Improving Poll Worker Recruitment in Maine

"The research that Dr. Glover, Dr. LaBouff and Dr. LeVan are conducting is giving us more information about the motivations that bring poll workers to serve in this capacity and what is effective in reaching them for recruitment." - Maine Secretary of State Bellows

Capitol of Utah

Connecting with State Policy in Utah

“We had an idea of some of the bills that were going to come up. We wanted to figure out how to get people prepared to engage in a way that might be meaningful during the 45 days of the session.” – Jessica Sanders, Utah SSN chapter co-leader

Golden cowboy boot statue

Making Connections after Pandemic Shutdowns in Dallas-Fort Worth

“I was thrilled to meet with SSN scholars because timely, insightful commentary from academics is a critical part of our state’s ongoing dialogue about important issues.” - Ryan Sanders, Commentary Editor, Dallas Morning News

Colored patches of stone floor

Collaborating with Civic Organizations in San Diego

“As advocates, we decided that working directly with academics...was an obvious and necessary step to enacting crucial climate policies." - Mikey Knab, Director of Policy, Climate Action Campaign

Police officer signing a ticket

Peter Jones Helps Change Alabama's System of Fines and Fees

“I don't think we could have gotten the bill over the finish line without [Jones’s] contribution.” - Leah Nelson, Research Director at Alabama Appleseed

Greenville, South Carolina

Ken Kolb Collaborates with Local Newspaper for Award-Winning Series on Gentrification

“Ken’s work was absolutely essential to the Greenville News project…It was a great illustration of how academic research can reach out from campus and have a ripple effect across the entire community.” - Fred Clasen-Kelly, investigative reporter

Census 2020 sheet

Neda Maghbouleh on Improving the U.S. Census

“I connected with SSN’s Neda Maghbouleh, after finding her published research on this topic. Her scholarship is helping us move toward our goals of using inclusive and relevant race and ethnicity categories in our work."  – Fernando De Maio, Vice President of Health Equity Research and Data Use

Voting Booth

Zoltan Hajnal’s Years-Long Push for On-Cycle Election

“The easiest, most politically viable, and most effective way to expand turnout and make local democracy more representative is to shift the timing of local elections so that officials in cities and suburbs are elected at the same time as presidents, governors, and legislators, at times when voter interest and turnout is at a peak.” - Zoltan Hajnal, University of California, San Diego

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