Mark Fleming

Assistant Professor, University of California-Berkeley

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Fleming's research focuses on ethnography and qualitative methods social determinants of health, health disparities, health systems research, healthcare access, social difference, power and inequality


Preventing Homelessness Among TransLatinas in a Sanctuary City

  • Nicole Santamaria
  • Christoph Hanssmann
  • Samuel Bosch
  • Mark Fleming


"Stop the Revolving Door: A Street-level Framework for a New System" (with Mark Fleming, Jamie Chang, Olivia Glowacki, Samantha Lew, Chris Herring, Jennifer Friedenbach, Chris Hanssmann, Kelsey Ludwig, Pike Long, and Kat Sexton). Our City Our Home Coalition (2021).

Presents how we can best address the homelessness crisis in San Francisco by asking the experts on homelessness: homeless people themselves. Turns to them as decision makers and leaders of homelessness policy.