Daniel Jenks

Deputy Director of the Immigration Lab, American University
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Jenks' research focuses on the social processes that create and come about from migration and immigration. They are also interested in studying processes related to postcolonial society, language, and inequality. Jenks works as the Deputy Director of the Immigration Lab at American University, and is a Research Assisstant at the Center on Health, Risk, and Society at American.


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Opinion: "Defunding the Police Is an Immigrants’ Rights Issue, Too," Daniel Jenks (with Ernesto Castañeda), Common Dreams, July 9, 2020.
Opinion: "How To Understand Protests," Daniel Jenks (with Ernesto Castañeda), Medium, June 7, 2020.


"Between Separation and Family Reunification: Central American Youth in the United States".

Elaborates on the lives and circumstances of Central American youth and families who have found themselves migrating to the United States, specifically the Washington, D.C. area.

"Navigating the COVID-19 Historical Moment: Cohort Experiences of High School and College Students" (with Nicole Angotti, Sangeetha Madhavan, Kailey Herrera, Cristian Mendoza Gomez, and Seungwan Kim). (2020).

Utilizes rapid assessment techniques to quickly gather usable data about young people's experiences with COVID-19 as the pandemic began to unfold.

"Centroamericanos En Su Paso Por México Hacia Los Estados Unidos.” Ética, Política Y Migración" (with Ernesto Castañeda, Fernanda Pérez, Cristian Mendoza Gómez, and Fernando Rocha), in Editorial De La Universidad Autónoma De Ciudad Juárez Pp. . Ciudad Juárez, México., edited by Luis Rubén Díaz Cepeda, Roberto Sánchez Benítez y Amy Reed-Sandoval.

Studies the journey of immigrant children from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, discussing their motives for migration, and experiences on the journey through Mexico.

"Unaccompanied Children from Central America in Local Schools: Struggles and Solutions" (with Ernesto Castañeda). (Forthcoming).

Proposes ways that local communities can support immigrant youth and their families, in and out of schools.

"Trauma Exposure and Mental Health of Central American Immigrant Youth" (with Ernesto Castañeda, Carina Cione, SteVon Felton, Isabella Goris, and Eric Hershberg). Academia (2021).

Mentions the ways in which immigrant minors from Central America have been exposed to trauma, and how it affects their day-to-day lives in the United States.