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Samanthia Martin is the Trainings Associate at the Scholars Strategy Network. In this role, she organizes and facilitates SSN trainings to help scholars develop policy and communications skills and coordinates the Education Scholars Training Program (ESTP), an annual cohort program that connects education researchers to policymakers.

Samanthia earned a doctoral degree from Florida State University(FSU) in Educational Leadership and Policy in 2014. Her academic work explored national and local policies in Early Head Start Programs as well as mass literacy practices in indigenous countries. Particularly, her work probed for best practices in “research-based curricula and teaching practices, assessments, individualized teachings and learning, and engaging learning environments.”

Before joining SSN, Samanthia served as a scholarly practitioner working with bureaucracies and non-profit organizations. She has expertise in public policy and program evaluation. She worked as an Educational Policy Consultant for the Florida Department of Education and served as legislative support for both political parties at the Florida State Capitol. Additionally, she has experience and expertise working in K -12 and Higher Education. She has served as a political science professor at Eastern Florida State College and worked as a faculty member with Black Males College Explorer Program at Florida A & M University. She has worked with several  intervention oriented programs across the state of Florida to bridge the gaps between those of low socioeconomic status as it pertains to student achievement, scholastic opportunities  compared to their counterparts. 

She lives in Florida where she enjoys the beautiful beaches, meditating, Disney, family and friends.