Susanna Curry

Assistant Professor of Social Work, California State University-Sacramento
Chapter Member: Sacramento SSN

About Susanna

Dr. Curry’s research focuses on housing instability in young adulthood, informal housing, and programs serving youth and families. She has recently been involved in the Sacramento Point-in-Time Count of Homelessness and has worked with the California Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council on an exploration of early implementation of the Homeless Emergency Assistance Program. She is also involved in other efforts to address issues related to college student basic needs, criminalization of homelessness, and youth programs. She was a Postdoctoral Researcher on the Voices of Youth Count study at the Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago.


Integrating Care for People Experiencing Homelessness

  • Arturo Baiocchi
  • Ethan J. Evans


"Prevalence and Correlates of Youth Homelessness in the United States" (with Matthew H.Morton, Amy Dworsky, Jennifer L. Matjasko, David Schlueterd, RaúlChávez, and Anne F. Farrell). Journal of Adolescent Health 62, no. 1 (2018): 14-21.

Uses a nationally representative phone-based survey to understand the 12-month prevalence of youth homelessness in the United States.

"An Initial Assessment of California’s Homeless Emergency Aid Program: Assessing California’s Response to the Crisis," (with Arturo Baiocchi, Jessica Newham, and Fleur Monnet Marfor),

Explores early implementation of the California Homeless Emergency Assistance Program (HEAP) across the state.

, California State University, Sacramento Division of Social Work and Institute for Social Research , January 4, 2020.

Explores early implementation of the California Homeless Emergency Assistance Program (HEAP) across the state

""Nothing is for free...": Youth Attitudes about Engaging Resources While Unstably Housed" (with Gina M. Samuels, Christine Cerven, and Shantá R. Robinson). Cityscape 20, no. 3 (2018): 35-68.

This study explores factors that influence the use or rejection of formal service programs among youth experiencing homelessness and housing instability.

"Homelessness in Sacramento County: Results from the 2019 Point-in-Time Count" (with Arturo Baiocchi, Shannon Williams, Tyler Argüello, Jennifer Price Wolf, and Justin Morris ). Sacramento, CA: Institute for Social Research and Sacramento Steps Forward. (2019).

Results from the 2019 Sacramento County Point-in-Time Count of Homelessness.

"Integrating Care for People Experiencing Homelessness: A Focus on Sacramento County ," (with Joy Melnikow, Dominique Ritley, Ethan Evans, Ryan Ciuffetelli, and Sabrina Loureiro ), UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research, forthcoming.

We assess the complexity of services for individuals experiencing homelessness in Sacramento, gaps in the system and existing program assets.

"Beyond a Bed: Supportive Connections Forged Between Youth Who Are Couch Hopping and Adult Hosts" (with Mallory VanMeeter, Brenda A. Tully, Stacey Ault, Nathan Garst, K. Adam, Ande Nesmith, and Jacqueline White). Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal (2020).

Explores relationships between youth experiencing housing instability and the adults who provide them a place to stay (through what we refer to as "couch hopping" or "couch surfing").