Steve Posner

Adjunct Assistant Professor (Teaching) of Writing, University of Southern California

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Posner's research focuses on increasing student awareness of the news. Overarching themes in Posner's writings include combatting the dangers of disinformation, the need to provide students with fact-based news and analysis, and the urgent importance of the youth vote in the upcoming presidential election. Posner serves the campus community and is the publisher of NewsFacts & Analysis, a nonpartisan online news source assigned by professors as homework for their students.

In the News

Opinion: "Billy Graham, the Purple State Preacher," Steve Posner, National Review, March 1, 2018.
Opinion: "Why Are Israeli Spies Defending an Arab President?," Steve Posner, HuffPost, May 25, 2011.
Opinion: "The Spy at WYE," Steve Posner, The Washington Post, October 27, 1998.


"Israel Undercover Secret Warfare and Hidden Diplomacy in the Middle East " (Syracuse University Press, 1987).

Details the dual use of intelligence agencies in securing peace agreements and combatting international terrorism.