Nicole Bedera

PhD Candidate in Sociology, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Chapter Member: Michigan SSN

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Bedera's research focuses on how university structures create environments where sexual violence is more likely to occur and survivors are retraumatized instead of getting the help they need. Her research has influenced sexual violence prevention programming across the country, including for Planned Parenthood.

In the News

Opinion: "Who Gets to Define Campus Rape?," Nicole Bedera (with Miriam Gleckman-Krut), The New York Times, September 18, 2017.
Research discussed by Colleen Flaherty, in "Missing the Mark on Consent," Inside Higher Ed, August 14, 2017.
Research discussed by Samantha Allen, in "Rape Prevention is Still a Woman's Job, Campuses Say," The Daily Beast, October 8, 2015.


"Supporting Queer Survivors of Sexual Assault" (with Kristjane Nordmeyer), in LGBT Hate: No PULSE on My Campus (Peter Lang Publishing Inc., forthcoming).
"Moaning and Eye Contact: College Men's Negotiations of Sexual Consent in Theory and in Practice" (forthcoming).

Finds that while college men claim to have explicit verbal conversations about consent in their sexual encounters, in practice, they are much more likely to use "physical nonverbal cues" like eye contact or a partner's elevated breath rate as evidence that their sexual encounters are consensual.

"Never Go Out Alone: An Analysis of College Rape Prevention Tips" (with Kristjane Nordmeyer). Sexuality and Culture 19, no. 3 (2015): 533-542.

Finds that colleges have primarily put the burden of sexual assault prevention on women and the expectations they have set are unreasonable and impossible for women to meet.