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Kimberley L Fletcher

Professor of Political Science, San Diego State University
Chapter Member: San Diego SSN

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Fletcher's research focuses on the key role the U.S. Supreme Court has played in interpreting presidential decision-making in the area of foreign affairs since 1936. Overarching themes in Fletcher's writings include institutional aspects of law through developmental and historical lenses to help understand law as a political phenomenon. Fletcher serves as on a pre-law initiative planning committee at SDSU.


In the News

Interviewed in "Ask the Author: The Imperial Presidency and the Supreme Court," SCOTUSblog, October 18, 2018.


"The Collision of Political and Legal Time: Foreign Affairs and the Supreme Court’s Transformation of Executive Authority" (Temple University Press, 2018).

Finds that it is the Supreme Court’s institutional positioning that redefines the scope and breadth of presidential powers vis-à-vis Congress in the area of foreign affairs.