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Juan Arroyo-Flores

Researcher, Fors Marsh Group

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Arroyo-Flores' work focuses on digital culture, media sociology, Identity Theory, and social network analysis. Overarching themes in Arroyo-Flores' work include social networks, identity management, and online interaction. His dissertation aims to explore massive multiplayer online gamers’ identity management, and social networks (online and offline) using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Arroyo-Flores is currently working on a funded project regarding the Puerto Rican sentiment towards mid-term elections and their political ideologies, for those living in one of the 50 states.


Understanding Puerto Rican Voting in the United States

  • Alessandra Rosa
  • Elizabeth Aranda


"The Puerto Rican Vote Nationwide and in Florida," (with Elizabeth Aranda and Alessandra Rosa), University of South Florida, February 18, 2019.

Analyzes a public opinion poll of Puerto Rican voters' political preferences and ideologies, including a subset that moved to the continental United States after Hurricane Maria.