Jesús Tirado

Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education, Auburn University
Chapter Member: Alabama SSN
Areas of Expertise:

About Jesús

Tirado's expertise revolves around questions of citizenship and belonging as they are seen and encountered in the classroom and beyond.


Now Is No Time for Spectator Democracy

In the News

Opinion: "Let's Focus on Our Students' Health and Humanity, Not on 'Getting Back to Normal'," Jesús Tirado (with Jessica N. Ewalt and Matthew J. Moulton), Ed Post, July 9, 2020.
Opinion: "Learning Suffers When Schools Become Armed Camps," Jesús Tirado (with Maureen Downey), The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 25, 2018.


"A Snapshot of the Latinx Teaching Experience in the New Latino Diaspora" College of Education and Human Development 13, no. 1 (2019).

Discusses the impact of being Latinx on your identity and work ethic as a teacher. Seeks to contribute to this work with the interviews of four Latino teachers who are working in the New Latino Diaspora.

"Undocumented, Unafraid, and Precarious: Thinking Through Conceptions of Civics by Undocumented Activists" The Journal of Social Studies Research 43, no. 2 (2019): 121-131.

Explores the ideas of two undocumented activists who are working to change the laws and politics that affect them. Uses their work and dedication. Discusses their dedication and their ideas for creating a new basis for a civics curriculum that goes beyond information and instead places other values at the center of education.