Jen-Yi Chen

Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, Cleveland State University
Areas of Expertise:

About Jen-Yi

Chen's research focuses on resilience, corporate social responsibility, and innovations in supply chain management. Overarching themes in Chen’s writings include emergency management, responsible sourcing and supply chain disclosure, as well as competitive innovations through information and operational technology. Chen advises regional medical centers and manufacturers through research and consulting projects, and serves as guest speakers for Internet-of-Things Collaborative and Institute of Supply Management.

In the News

Guest to discuss Advancing Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions, Together on YouTube, Jen-Yi Chen, August 6, 2019.


"Supply Chain Disclosure and Ethical Sourcing" International Journal of Production Economics 161 (2015): 17-30.

Explores the question of whether ethical sourcing and disclosure of supply chain sources are linked to competitiveness.

"The Impact of Government Subsidy on Supply Chains’ Sustainability Innovation" (with Stanko Dimitrov and Hubert Pun). Science Direct 86 (2019): 42-58.

Shows how a government may better incentivize firms for sustainability innovations through different subsidizing schemes.

"Preparedness for Epidemic Disease or Bioterrorism: Minimum Cost Planning for the Location and Staffing of Urban Point-of-Dispensing Centers" (with William M. Bowen and Oya I. Tukel). Journal of Emergency Management 12, no. 5 (2014): 391-406.

Develops cost-effective plans for providing the infrastructure necessary to dispense medications in the case of an epidemic disease outbreak or bioterrorist attack.