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Isabelle Christine Beulaygue

Instructor of Exploratory Studies and Sociology, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Chapter Member: Nebraska SSN

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Dr. Beulaygue's research focuses on adolescent development and substance use and its impacts on education and well-being during adulthood. She earned her doctorate in Sociology from the University of Miami and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Promise at Boston University. There, she explored the social, educational, wellness, and economic conditions necessary for children and youth to thrive. She serves as an advisor for Title IX and the Omani Student Association.


"Early Initiation of Marijuana Use, Education, and Earnings of Young Adults" (with Michael T. French and Philip K. Robins). Journal of Children and Poverty 26, no. 1 (2020): 40–63.

Examines the impact of early initiation of marijuana use during middle or high school on educational attainment, academic performance, and earnings in young adulthood. Findings suggest that early marijuana use is associated with poorer educational outcomes and lower earnings, although the effect on earnings is partially explained by differences in education and socioeconomic factors. Suggests that early marijuana use can indirectly affect economic outcomes through its negative impact on education, potentially leading to long-term economic hardships for individuals and their families.

"The Stress of Adolescence: The Impact of Self-Perceived Body Development on Adult Health," University of Miami, August 2015.

Offers a novel bio-psycho-social perspective to the study of adolescent self-perceived development. Findings show a significant relationship between self-perceived body development and adult health among women but not among men. Suggests that self-perceived bodily changes during adolescence may represent risk factors for women's adult health.