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Carvis Durr

Social and Decision Scientist, University of Central Florida
Chapter Member: Florida SSN
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Durr's research focuses on Social Inequalities using decision science, medical, and public sociology methods. Overarching themes in Durr's writing include public affairs, social wellness, health disparities, food insecurity, early childhood development, workforce development, exercise science (cardiology). Durr serves on nonprofit boards, consulting roles and projects and programs for the inner city.

In the News

Opinion: "Investing in People: Health, Preventative Care, and Wellness," Carvis Durr, PA Times, May 6, 2024.
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Opinion: "Hurricane Season and Food Insecurity in Florida | Column," Carvis Durr, The Tampa Bay Times, July 1, 2023.
Opinion: "Education Is Not Indoctrination," Carvis Durr, Orlando Sentinel, April 15, 2023.