Arturo Baiocchi

Associate Professor, California State University-Sacramento
Chapter Member: Sacramento SSN
Areas of Expertise:

About Arturo

Dr. Baiocchi’s research focuses on vulnerable young adults, mental health and homelessness. He also has interests and teaches in the area of social welfare policy, race and inequality, and community-based research. Dr. Baiocchi has over ten years of experience conducting various program and policy evaluations related to these topics, including assessments of supportive housing and other housing first interventions; street outreach programs; and reintegration programs for individuals transitioning from various institutions. Dr. Baiocchi has also studied how communities, and the broader public, respond and react to these policy issues.


Integrating Care for People Experiencing Homelessness

  • Susanna Curry
  • Ethan J. Evans

In the News

Quoted by Martin Kuz in "To Help the Homeless, there’s an App for That," The Christian Science Monitor, March 4, 2019.


"An Initial Assessment of California’s Homeless Emergency Aid Program," (with Susanna Curry, Jessica Newham, and Fleur Monnet Marfori), California State University, Sacramento Division of Social Work and Institute for Social Research , April 2020.

Describes the variety of programs and innovative practices funded by HEAP in the past twelve months. Elaborates on the overarching strategies that communities used to guide their funding decisions, early successes as well as challenges that communities have encountered while implementing HEAP.

"Integrating Care for People Experiencing Homelessness," (with Joy Melnikow, Dominique Ritley, Sabrina Loureiro, Ryan Ciuffetelli, Ethan Evans, and Susanna Curry), UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research, February 2020.

Focuses on all aspects of care for the growing homeless population in the Sacramento County Region. 

"Street Talk: Homeless Discourses and the Politics of Service Provision" (with Tyler M. Arguello), in Homelessness Prevention and Intervention in Social Work, edited by Heather Larkin, 123-147.

Street Talk: Homeless Discourses and the Politics of Service Provision. This chapter introduces a basic typology for identifying key narratives of homelessness that permeate contemporary American social culture. Elaborating upon Gowan’s (2010) study of homeless men in San Francisco, we summarize and contextualize common caricatures of homelessness heard by the media, professionals, and the homeless themselves. We also argue for on a new, social work, counter discourse on homelessness.