Expert Available for Timely Analysis on Changes to Organ Donor System

Director of Communications

This week, the Health Resources and Services Administration announced a new initiative to modernize America’s organ donation system, including breaking up the responsibilities currently performed by the United Network for Organ Sharing. For reporters covering this development, the following researcher is available to provide commentary and background.

University of Virginia-Main Campus

Krawiec’s current research analyzes “taboo trades” — exchanges that are contested by society and, in some cases, forbidden altogether. She has written on commercial surrogacy, egg and sperm markets, and sex work. At the moment, much of her work is on incentives for organ donation. Although financial incentives are part of the menu, she is most interested in nonfinancial incentives, such as kidney swaps, NEAD chains and priority systems that provide an incentive to donate. Krawiec hosts the podcast “Taboo Trades.”