2 Experts Available for Timely Analysis of New Hampshire Midterm Elections

Director of Membership Engagement

With the midterms around the corner, Scholars Strategy Network has compiled a list of local, university-based experts who are available to offer political commentary and analysis on New Hampshire's election.

Dartmouth College

Campbell has served as chair in his sociology department for ten years.  He has also held faculty positions at the Copenhagen Business School, Harvard University, the University of Wisconsin, and Washington State University.  He studies how institutions affect politics, policymaking, and economic performance in advanced capitalist countries.  His work cuts across the fields of sociology, political science, and economics.


Crabtree's research's focuses on fairness in politics, with applications to the study of discrimination, repression, human rights, policing, and immigration. Crabtree specifically examines under what circumstances political actors and institutions treat members of the public differently based on their political views or personal demographics, and how the public views this treatment.