Shannon Guillot-Wright

Assistant Professor, Director of Health Policy Research, The University of Texas Medical Branch

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Dr. Guillot-Wright is an Assistant Professor and Director of Health Policy Research at the Center for Violence Prevention, University of Texas Medical Branch. Her program of research focuses on structural violence, with an emphasis on occupational health equity and evidence use in policymaking. She is particularly interested in understanding power, influence, and social change. Her research methodology is photo-ethnography and she has conducted ethnographic fieldwork with migrant seafarers, the U.S. Congress, and migrant fishers. She sits on the Action Board for the American Public Health Association and the Advisory Board for the Children’s Defense Fund – Texas.


(IM)Migrant Health AND COVID-19 RISK

In the News

Guest on In Depth Health and Media/ 88.7, December 22, 2021.
Quoted by John Wayne Ferguson in "With Demand Dwindling, Vaccine Efforts Shifting to Smaller Targets," Galvaston County The Daily News, April 29, 2021.
Quoted by Kaitlin Bain in "Virus Strikes Disproportionate Blow in Beaumont Latino Community," CHRON, July 13, 2020.
Quoted by David González in "Hispanic community being hit hardest by COVID-19," KHOU11, July 9, 2020.


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Improves the use of evidence in policy and practice, many organizations and individuals seek to promote research-policy engagement activities, but little is known about what works. Seeks to identify existing research-policy engagement activities, and understand the impacts of these activities on research and decision-making.

"The Company Will Fire You Because You Are Too Expensive’: A Photo-Ethnography of Health Care Rights Among Filipino Migrant Seafarers" Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 8, no. 265 (2021).

Finds that Filipino seafarers — who make up a third of the workforce that transports goods from around the world into the Port of Houston — often avoid or delay medical care when they get injured or sick for fear of workplace retaliation.

"You Learn How to Hate’: Adapting a Healthy Relationship Curriculum Using a Trauma-Informed Race Equity Lens" (with Elizabeth D. Torres). International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18, no. 18 (2021): 9916.

Learns how to hate:’ Adapting a healthy relationship curriculum using a trauma-informed race equity lens. Helps to better understand methods to reduce teen dating violence among ethnically and economically diverse populations. Uses a trauma-informed race equity lens to adapt a healthy relationship prevention program.

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Examines the design and feasibility of a 6-week Healthy Relationships Campaign, a text message intervention designed to reduce teen dating violence and promote healthy relationships.