Rachel Ivey Velázquez Bernhard

PhD Candidate in Political Science, University of California, Berkeley

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Bernhard studies the psychology of voter decision-making, especially regarding the representation of women in politics. Her current work focuses on the impact of voter stereotypes about appearance on female candidates’ success, the family- and work-related challenges women face in running for office, and the ways voters seek information about candidates before making their decisions. She has worked with organizations like Emerge America to improve recruitment of women to office and holds briefings on gender in politics with the Alameda League of Women Voters and the American Academy of University Women.

In the News

Rachel Ivey Velázquez Bernhard quoted on political discontent by Melissa Bunni Elian, "'Season of Discontent' Project Voices Millennial Anxieties" NBC News, April 26, 2017.
Rachel Ivey Velázquez Bernhard quoted on the future of women candidates by Lizzie Johnson, "Political Women Gather to Shake Off Loss, Look for Way Forward" San Francisco Chronicle, November 16, 2016.
Rachel Ivey Velázquez Bernhard quoted on voter responses to male and female vocal patterns by Chris Smith, "Coded and Loaded: How Politicians Talk about Race and Gender without Really Talking about Race and Gender" California Magazine, Fall 2016.
Rachel Ivey Velázquez Bernhard quoted on candidates' public positions by Krissy Elliot, "Sexual Politics: The 2016 Presidential Race is Notable for Misogynist Rhetoric" California Magazine, October 13, 2016.
Rachel Ivey Velázquez Bernhard's research on male and female candidates discussed by Kathleen Maclay, "Women Candidates and Winning Mixes of Femininity, Masculinity," Berkeley News, September 25, 2015.