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Philip J. Cook

ITT/ Terry Sanford Professor Emeritus of Public Policy Studies, Duke University
Chapter Member: North Carolina SSN
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Cook is an economist who has long-standing research programs in violence prevention (with a particular focus on firearms); criminal justice policy and crime prevention; alcohol control policy (including taxation); evaluation methods; and various aspects of education policy.


How to Break America's Logjam on Guns and Gun Violence

    Kristin Anne Goss

How Best to Encourage Organ Donation

    Kimberly D. Krawiec

Why Stand Your Ground Laws are Dangerous

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Probes the causes and consequences of gun violence and traces the history of clashing social movements pushing for gun rights and the enactment of legal gun controls.
"Controlling Crime: Strategies and Tradeoffs" (with Jens Ludwig and Justin McCrary) (University of Chicago Press, 2011).
Evaluates the potential effects on crime of a variety of criminal justice reforms, social policies, and private action.
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Takes a comprehensive look at alcohol control policy in the United States, including the history, current practice, and evaluation of the alternative approaches.
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Provides a foundation for understanding the "Great American Gun War," and for considering the next steps that could be taken in the search for an effective gun-control policy.
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Discusses and analyzes the burden that gun violence imposes on society.
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Develops an explanation for the growing inequality of income in terms of changing technology and institutional arrangements.
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Provides a comprehensive description and analysis of state lotteries in America.