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Melva Trevino

Assistant Professor of Marine Affairs, University of Rhode Island
Chapter Member: Boston SSN
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Treviño is a human geographer and ethnographer. She studies how power asymmetries, specifically unequal access to resources, are produced at the human-environment nexus.


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"The Mangrove is Like a Friend": Local Perspectives of Mangrove Cultural Ecosystem Services Among Mangrove Users in Northern Ecuador" Human Ecology (2022).

Investigates local perspectives of CES provided mangrove forests in northern Ecuador to identify how mangrove ecosystems support local well-being. Shows that mangrove users assign profound cultural importance and personal attachments to the mangrove ecosystem.

"Uneven Consequences: Gendered Impacts of Shrimp Aquaculture Development on Mangrove Dependent Communities" (with Paulo J.Murillo-Sandoval). Ocean & Coastal Management 210 (2021).

Analyzes the impacts of shrimp aquaculture development on a mangrove-dependent community in Esmeraldas province, Ecuador. Shows that women are disproportionately affected by the loss of mangrove forests which have historically provided women sustenance, opportunities for income generation, and the ability to pass on cultural traditions.