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Lisa Kay Anderson-Shaw

Director, UIC Clinical Ethics Consult Service; and Assistant Clinical Professor, UIC School of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago
Chapter Member: Chicagoland SSN
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"Ethical Issues in Liver Transplantation" (with Scott J Cotler). UpToDate (2015).

Discusses the ethics of liver transplantation and donor organs.

"The Fiction of Futility: What to Do with Policy?" (with William Meadow, Hilary S. Leeds, and John J. Lantos). HEC Forum 17, no. 4 (2005): 294-307.

Addresses the topic of medical futility as fiction in light of legislation, policy, and practice.

"Evidence-Based Practice and Policy: ACGME Resident Duty Hours — More Harm than Help" (with Fred Arthur Zar). The American Journal of Politics 16, no. 9 (2016): 20-22.

Argues that the work-hour restrictions, especially during the overnight hours, hinder critical educational needs of the resident physician due to the lack of important follow-up patient information.