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Julie J. Park

Associate Professor of Education, University of Maryland, College Park

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Park's research focuses on race, diversity, and affirmative action in higher education. Overarching themes in Park's work include the role of race in admissions and campus climate, including the diverse experiences of Asian American students. Park served as a consulting expert on the side of Harvard on th matter of Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard.


"Does Socioeconomic Diversity Make a Difference? Examining the Effects of Racial and Socioeconomic Diversity on the Campus Climate for Diversity" (with Nida Denson and Nicholas A. Bowman). American Educational Research Journal 50, no. 3 (2013): 466-496.

Examines the effect of socioeconomic diversity in higher education. Concludes that socioeconomic diversity, while beneficial, cannot replace racial diversity in campus environments.

"Race on Campus: Debunking Myths with Data" (Harvard Education Press, 2018).

Challenges persistent myths about how race works in college admissions and campus life. Includes issues such as affirmative action, the mismatch hypothesis, and "self-segregation."

"It Takes a Village (or an Ethnic Economy): The Varying Roles of Socioeconomic Status, Religion, and Social Capital in SAT Preparation for Chinese and Korean American Students" American Educational Research Journal 49, no. 4 (2012): 624-650.

Documents the high rate of participation in SAT prep courses by Asian Americans.

"Asian Americans and the Benefits of Campus Diversity: What the Research Says," National Commission for Research on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Education, August 1, 2012.

Addresses how Asian American students benefit from racial diversity in college.