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Emily B. Stacey

Program Coordinator and Professor of Political Science, Rose State College

About Emily

Dr. Stacey's research focuses on social movement theory, comparative politics, mobilization, revolutions, nationalism, digital media, politics and technology. She has the privilege of coordinating events, including the Great Debate panel series, Liberal Arts and Sciences colloquia, and the Political Science book club. Dr. Stacey was honored as a DaVinci Institute Fellow in 2023, an award given for innovative teaching in higher education. She graduated with her doctorate in July 2017 from Swansea University (Wales, UK). She has published multiple works thus far, her most recent (2023) focuses on deglobalization and the shifting world order.

In the News

Quoted by Jordan Gerard in "Oklahoma Elections: Meet the Gen Z Candidates Running for Office," The Oklahoman, May 20, 2024.


"Historical and Political Analysis on Power Balances and Deglobalization" (IGI Global, 2023).

Examines the shifting global order in the 21st century and the move towards deglobalization. Analyzes pressing issues facing the international community, covering a range of topics including supply chains, economics, politics, military alliances, and the future of globalism in a reordered world. Explores the literature on deglobalization and the factors influencing power shifts globally, using case studies to illustrate these dynamics.

"Global Politics, Political Participation, and the Rise of Nationalism" (IGI Global, 2021).

Discusses the ways in which nationalism and nationalist ideologies have permeated throughout America and the international community. This work considers the rise of neo-nationalism stemming from the Tea Party in the United States, Brexit and the era of the Tory Divorce from Europe, contemporary electoral politics that are helping in the spread of nationalist policies and leaders.