Dalila De Negreiros

PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Chapter Member: Wisconsin SSN
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Negreiros´ research focuses on public policies and racial equality in Brazil. Negreiros´overarching themes in writings include afro-Brazilian identity and education for afro-Brazilian equality. Negreiros´ is an activist from Nosso Coletivo Negro of DF.


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Opinion: "Marielle Franco’s Seeds: Black Women and the 2020 Brazilian Election," Dalila De Negreiros, Nacla, November 12, 2020.


"Education of Ethnic-Racial Relation" (Editora UFABC, 2017).

Analyzes the policies implemented by the Ministry of Education to train teachers to implement the law 10639/2003, that include Afro-Brazilian history and culture in the basic education´s curriculum.

"Education of Ethnic-Racial Relations: Analysis of Teacher Training Through Uniafro and Africanities Programs" Ipea 48 (2017).

Analyzes the training of teachers in the implementation of the Education policy of Ethnic-Racial Relations using as reference the Education Africanities Brazil (Africanities) and Affirmative Action Program for the Black Population in Federal and State Institutions of Higher Education (Uniafro).