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Adrienne Samani

Biomedical PhD Graduate Student, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Chapter Member: Alabama SSN
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Samani is currently a PhD graduate student at UAB under the cancer biology theme, however she studies rare musculoskeletal diseases that affect children. She currently has a BS in biology and a minor in technical writing. She is also President of the UAB Science Policy and Advocacy Initiative. Her areas of interest are in science policy making concerning research funding and stem education.


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Quoted by Lauren Rovira in "Florida Bright Futures Scholarship To Receive Cuts," Panther Now, July 6, 2011.


"DOCK3 Is a Dosage-Sensitive Regulator of Skeletal Muscle and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy-Associated Pathologies" (with Andrea L Reid , Yimin Wang , Rylie M Hightower, Michael A Lopez, Shawn R Gilbert, Lara Ianov, David K Crossman , Louis J Dell'Italia, Douglas P Millay, Thomas van Groen, Ganesh V Halade, and Matthew S Alexander). Human Molecular Genetics 29, no. 17 (2020): :2855-2871.

Discusses how Duchenne Muscular dystrophy is a muscular disorder that occurs in young boys. Identifies a disease marker of severity called Dedicator of Cytokinesis 3, or DOCK3.

"The Wasting-Associated Metabolite Succinate Disrupts Myogenesis and Impairs Skeletal Muscle Regeneration" (with Paige C Arneson-Wissink , Kelly A Hogan , Alexandra M Ducharme, Aminah Jatoi, and Jason D Doles). JCSM Rapid Communications 3, no. 2 (2020): 56-69.

Elaborates that muscle has the unique ability to repair itself during damage, which is an essential component to maintaining human muscle health.  Identifies secretions from a tumor and how this impaired the muscle's ability to initiate repair, which may help understand why some cancer patients experience a metabolic syndrome called 'Cachexia'.

"Tumor-Derived Cytokines Impair Myogenesis and Alter the Skeletal Muscle Immune Microenvironment" (with Kelly A Hogan , Dong Seong Cho, Paige C Arneson, Adrienne Samani, Patrick Palines, Yanan Yang , and Jason D Doles). Cytokine 107 (2018): 9-17.

Assesses the impact of secretions released by the tumor on skeletal muscle health and growth.

"A Potent and Specific CD38 Inhibitor Ameliorates Age-Related Metabolic Dysfunction by Reversing Tissue NAD + Decline" (with Mariana G Tarragó , Claudia C S Chini, Karina S Kanamori , Gina M Warner , Ariel Caride, Guilherme C de Oliveira, Micaela Rud, Kyaw Z Hein, Runqing Huang, Diana Jurk, Dong Seong Cho, James J Boslett , and Jordan D Miller). Cell Metabolism (2018).
Discusses drug therapeutic to reverse age-related metabolic decline in tissues.