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Robin Stryker

Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Purdue University
Emeritus Professor, University of Arizona
Chapter Member: Indiana SSN

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Stryker's research focuses on law, politics and inequality, the use of social and behavioral science in law, social policy, organizational and institutional change, political incivility and political dysfunction, and self/identity. Overarching themes in Stryker's writings include her politics of science framework for understanding if, when, how, and with what consequences, courts rely on social and behavioral science in their decision-making, her "group-centered, effects framework" for explaining the variable effectiveness of laws providing political, civil, and social rights, her "strategic narrative" methodology, her focus on how how legal mobilization by social movements, shapes state regulatory capacities, and her focus on the role of political identity and political polarization in explaining variable perceptions of political incivility and deception by political elites in American politics, and of their consequences for American democracy. From 2011-2016, Stryker was Research Director of the National Institute for Civil Discourse, a non-partisan research, advocacy and policy institute at the University of Arizona.