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Lina Mary Caroline Stepick

Senior Researcher in Community Development, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Chapter Member: Oregon SSN
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Stepick’s research focuses on labor standards, low-wage work, affordable housing, and coalition organizing. They research unstable work scheduling practices, carework, and climate impacts on jobs and job quality.


Assessing the Initial Impacts of the First Statewide Scheduling Law

  • Lola Loustaunau
  • Lina Mary Caroline Stepick
  • Ellen Kaye Scott


"Valuing the Cause: A Theory of Authenticity in Social Movements" (with Edward T. Walker). Mobilization (forthcoming).

Distills two orthogonal types of authenticity in social movements: grassroots (in)authenticity, based on idealized notions of civil society, and institutional (in)authenticity, rooted in cultural-cognitive schemas used to judge fit with established SMO categories.

"Strength in Diversity? Group Heterogeneity in the Mobilization of Grassroots Organizations" (with Edward T. Walker). Sociology Compass 8, no. 7 (2014).

Reviews studies on a variety of features of group diversity and their effects on mobilizing processes, with a particular emphasis on groups active in local community‐based organizing since the 1970s.