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Savannah Marie Hunter

PhD Student in Sociology, University of California, Davis
Chapter Fellow, Sacramento SSN
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Hunter's research focuses on varying and unpredictable work hours in the United Status. Variable and unpredictable work hours are associated with negative outcomes for workers and families including earnings volatility, work-family conflict, and poor health. Hunter's current research examines the association between varying and unpredictable hours and perceptions of job security.


How Precarious Scheduling Hurts Workers - And What Can be Done to Mitigate Problems

  • Savannah Marie Hunter


"Unstable Work Schedules and Earnings Volatility," Center for Poverty Research, September 1, 2018.

Summarizes the key literature on the extent of variable and unpredictable work schedules in the United States and highlights the relationship between unstable work schedules and volatility in earnings.

"Occupational Composition and Racial/Ethnic Inequality in Varying Work Hours in the Great Recession" (with Ryan Finnigan), in Research in the Sociology of Work, edited by Ethel L. Mickey, Adia Harvery Wingfield (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2018), 165-193.

Finds that varying work hours became more common for White, Black, and especially Latino/a workers during and after the Great Recession. The growth in varying hours for White and Latino workers was highest in predominantly minority occupations. However, Black workers experienced the greatest growth in varying hours in predominantly White occupations.