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Jazmine Benjamin

PhD Candidate in Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Chapter Fellow, Alabama SSN
Chapter Member: Alabama SSN
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Benjamin is a researcher with a background in Cell and Molecular Biology and Plant Genetics. Benjamin is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in a laboratory associated with the Diabetes Research Center. Benjamin's research focuses on cell signaling mechanisms feeding into the synergistic relationship between the glucagon and insulin receptors. Prior to starting at the University of Alabama, Benjamin was an undergraduate research assistant at the University of South Carolina Aiken.


"Tracking the Origin of Two Genetic Components Associated With Transposable Element Bursts in Domesticated Rice" (with Jinfeng Chen, Lu Lu, Stephanie Diaz, C. Nathan Hancock, Jason E. Stajich, and Susan R. Wessler ). Natiure Communications 10, no. 641 (2019).

Discusses how transposable elements can shape the appearance and resilience of various organisms such as domesticated rice, corn, and soybeans.  Demonstrates that accumulation of two specific transposable elements contributes to the burst of the mPing transposable element and characterize the activity of the mPing element.